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Friday January 13th 2022 0

Posted on January 13, 2023 by Flashpoints


Today on the show: Anti-nuke activists in California move toward taking legal action to sue the nuclear regulatory commission regarding the multiple  dangers of keeping the aging nuke plant on line. Also Roots Action Co-Founder, Jeff Cohen, has a message for President Joe Biden: Don’t Run Joe. And Code Pink is out in the streets protesting the corporate press unquestioning support of the War in Ukraine, and wars in general

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Flashpoints 01-13-23

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Thursday January 12th 2023 0

Posted on January 12, 2023 by Flashpoints


Today on the Show: A special report from Lahore Pakistan, where two thirds of the country is under water, and the current US supported Prime Minster is growing more and more unpopular by the day. Also, how COVID19 is impacting Pakistan. And, Rootsaction Don’t Run Joe billboard campaign picks up speed: Finally, Mama’s back for another edition of Taking the Dick of Dictionary, an ongoing feminist language rescue

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Flashpoi9nts 01-12-23

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Wednesday January 11th 2023 0

Posted on January 11, 2023 by Flashpoints


Today on the Show: The National Day-Laborer Organizing Network also known as NDLON, on the march for refugee and worker rights, and for the right to citizenship. Also, The Answer Coalition calls for an end to the war in Ukraine instead of a massive NATO expansion risking World War 3. And the pot rollout. Who got rich and who got screwed, and what happened to equity programs for marginalized operators in the pot industry.

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Flashpoints 01-11-23

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Tuesday January 10th 2023 0

Posted on January 10, 2023 by Flashpoints


Today on the show: Pro Israeli lobbyist celebrate Hakeem Jefferies ascension to power in the House of Representatives. Also, real life and living in the borderlands beyond the struggle for asylum. Also, houselessness in the violent rain. And an update on the Roots Action national campaign to stop Biden from running for a second term.

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Flashpoints 01-10-23

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Thursday January 5th 2023 0

Posted on January 05, 2023 by Flashpoints


Today on the Show: the Election Crimes Bulletin, with Greg Palast and front line Palast photographer, Zack Roberts, examines the role that Ali Alexander, and the extreme right wing now plays in the new republican party. Article 42 political football continues to steal the lives of men women and children fleeing violence in their homeland. 48 Hills Founder/Editor Tim Redmond, on the mayor’s response to the storms and flooding. Was San Fran. Prepared? Will it be in the future when the challenges will be greater: And CODE PINK calls for the arrest and prosecution of UC law professor for his role in the torture program of Bush 2

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Flashpoints 01-05-23

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Wednesday January 4th 2023 0

Posted on January 04, 2023 by Flashpoints


Today on the show: Harvey Wasserman calls for an end to rough tackle Football. Also, are the republicans so far gone, the democrats are getting a free ride on their breakdowns and failures? And Oh my Goddess Creator, the Amazing Sherry Glasser is back for another edition of Chickionary: Taking the Dick out of Dictionary

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Flashpoints 01-04-23

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