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Tuesday August 24, 2010

Posted on August 24, 2010 by Flashpoints

All five participants in the Fort Hood Disobeys blockade action. From left to right: Iraq Vets Bobby Whittenberg-James and Crystal Colon, Jeff Grant, Military Spouse Cynthia Thomas and Afghanistan Vet Matthis Chiroux. 

A Group by the name of “Right-Wing Extreme” vows to provide security for a Florida Ministry that plans to burn the Koran inside their Church on 9/11/2010. Also, Big Farms Bad Eggs: how the consolidation of food production leads to dangerous disease out-breaks, like the current salmonella scare plaguing the country from coast to coast. And a report from Mississippi on what’s happening behind the scenes there: We speak to the head of first responders and the state director of the Sierra Club about their meeting today with the Governor and BP Pay-Czar Ken Feinberg.


Matthis Chiroux – Afghan War Vet and War Resister, Fort Hood Disobeys

Patty Lovera – Food and Water Watch

Linda St. Martin – Director of First Responders in Mississippi

Louie Miller – Mississippi State Director of The Sierra Club

Ali Abunimah – Electronic Intifada

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