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Wednesday – April 20, 2011

Posted on April 20, 2011 by Flashpoints

Crystal Beach, Florida picture by kthypryn

Today on Flashpoints: One Year After the Massive BP Spill that continues to toxify the Gulf: We’ll speak to the head of the first responders of Mississippi, arrested for fighting for the rights of local fishing communities; we’ll hear from the president of the sierra club of Mississippi, and will talk to Dhar Jamail about his story, out today on Aljezeera, about the continuing health and environmental impacts of the BP spill. Also we’ll hear an excerpt from a press conference with Helen Caldicott on the grave dangers surrounding the Japanese nuke meltdown

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CAIR Muslim Community Safety Kit

One Year Update on the Massive BP Spill:

Linda St Martin, First Responders – Mississippi

Louis Miller, Mississippi State Director of the Sierra cLUB

Dahr Jamail, independent journalist

Dick Becker on the Obama Protest in San Francisco

Helen Caldicott


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