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Thursday, July 7 2011

Posted on July 07, 2011 by Flashpoints

Members of Orlando Florida's Food not Bombs are being arrested for choosing to feed the homeless and hungry.

Today on Flashpoints, Congress votes to limit funding for Obama’s illegal war in Libya as we’re joined by Madhi Nazemroya with another report on the ground. We’ll also hear about planned demonstrations against the war in Libya in San Francisco and Washington, DC. Then we return to Orlando Florida where Food Not Bombs founder Keith McHenry is still behind bars but due to be released on charges stemming from feeding the hungry and homeless. Finally we look at Honduras two years after a coup deposed the democratically elected government of President Manuel Zelaya.

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Guests: Mahdi Nazemroaya-Flashpoints special correspondent on the ground in Libya, Richard Becker of the International Action Center, Miguel Rodriguez from the First Congregational Church of Winter Park, Laura Wells-Organizer of the East Bay Social Forum for 2012 and 2010 Green Party Candidate for Governor of California, and Roger Harris-Past President of the Marin Task
Force on the Americas.


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