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Tuesday, July 12 2011

Posted on July 12, 2011 by Flashpoints

Today on Flashpoints, we return to Obama’s illegal war in Libya with an update from our special correspondent Madhi Nazemroya. We then debrief one of the memebers of the Freedom Flotilla 2 aimed at calling attention to the blockade of the Palestinian people in Gaza. We then talk to Keith McHenry of Food not Bombs who was just released from jail for feeding the hungry in Orlando Florida. Then major league baseball’s decision to hold tonight’s all-star game in Phoenix Arizona comes under fire as hundreds of protestors converge on Chase Field. We discuss yesterday’s protests against yet another deadly shooting by Bay Area Rapid Transit police, or BART police, on July the 3rd. And finally a breaking news story where five activists from the organization Earth First are arrested after locking themselves in the Montana governor’s office to protest Big Oil’s invasion of their state.
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Guests: Mahdi Nazemroaya-Flashpoints special correspondent from Libya, Henry Norr-retired journalist and activist, Keith McHenry-founder of Food Not Bombs in Orlando, Enrique Morones-Border Angeles and former Major League Baseball executive, Antonio Medrano-San Pablo School Board Member, Hannibal Shakur-No Justice No BART & Oakland For Justice, and Max Grainger of Earth First Montana.


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