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Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Posted on September 24, 2009 by Flashpoints
Crude: The Real Price of Oil

Crude: The Real Price of Oil

We return to the Brazilian consulate in Tegucigalpa for a live report on the continuing standoff between President Manuel Zelaya and the illegal coup government of Roberto Micheletti; we’ll also have a report on the coast-to-coast and statewide emergency walk-outs today within the public education system, based on massive cutbacks and privatization; and Crude, a new documentary film that chronicles an epic battle to hold Chevron accountable for its systematic destruction of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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Sounds from the UC Berkeley Student Protest and Walk-Out Against Tuition Hikes and Privatization of Schools (recorded by Eric Klein)

Tim Russo, FP Special Correspondent and Free Speech Radio News

Andres Thomas Conteris, Nonviolence International and Democracy Now!

Dr. Juan Almendares, physician and human rights activist in Tegucigalpa

Grahame Russell, Rights Action

Joe  Berlinger, filmmaker, CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil (Opening in theaters tomorrow!)

Paul Paz y Miño, Managing Director,  Amazon Watch


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