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Monday, September 28th, 2009

Posted on September 28, 2009 by Flashpoints
Honduran police at Brazilian Embassy

Honduran police at Brazilian Embassy

Special Correspondent Tim Russo reports on a Funeral March for one of the first Victims of the Coup Government’s lethal crack down on the growing resistance:Also a report from Inside the Brazilian Embassy, where president Zeleya is still surrounded by heavily armed pro-coup security forces, and we’ll also feature a round-up of the various human rights violations, since the coup began three months ago.

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Tim Russo, FP Special Correspondent and FSRN

Andres Thomas Conteris, Democracy Now! en Espanol, Nonviolence International

Grahame Russell, Rights Action

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1 to “Monday, September 28th, 2009”

  1. John Ellis says:

    Excessive wealth having destroyed all hope of equality, first we must agree on the true condition of government:

    (1) A democratic Republic that just needs a few more good politicians to work.

    (2) A socialist leaning Republic and we should just let the tea party nuts take care of it.

    (3) A capitalist Republic with excessive wealth, and democracy could never be a part of it.

    As capitalism is legalized greed, next we must agree on the true condition of society:

    (a) A society-absorbed people who prefer equality and given honest leadership would achieve greatness.

    (b) A church-absorbed nation of believers and given spiritual leadership would achieve heaven on earth.

    (c) A self-absorbed anti-social people, 60% with excessive wealth and woe to Obama if he dares change anything.

    And so, as we all want more thinking we deserve more, thinking it stress unbearable if we miss any opportunity to take more, next, we must agree on what to do next:

    (A) Except the fact that even though the majority feel they deserve to be rich, the majority must rule and friendly persuasion is our only hope of ending such an excessive wealth temptation.

    (B) Get violent, get brutal and just see if Empire USA has the guts to nuke us.

    (C) Realize that our self-absorbed majority is just that, an indifferent and isolated people. And so controlled by the rich, and so in love with seeking all pleasure, just get out there, get yelling and like scared little kittens they would start scrambling.

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