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Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Posted on January 14, 2010 by Flashpoints

Helicopter flying over Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Thursday.  Francois Mori/AP

Helicopter flying over Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Thursday. Francois Mori/AP

We’ll have a frontline report from on the ground in Haiti, where tens of thousands of people have died in a massive earthquake; we’ll also talk about the politics behind relief and hear from Pierre Labossiere about various actions to support the people of Haiti; also, Flashpoints special correspondent Jamal Jumaa released from Israeli detention, he talks about his month in jail, enduring solitary confinement and psychological torture and his perseverance to keep the anti-apartheid movement going; Bekah Wolf talks about expanding Israeli settler attacks in West Bank villages; and cartoonist reporter Joe Sacco talks about the focus story of his book, Footnotes in Gaza.


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Kevin Pina, Haiti Action

Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Emergency Relief Fund

Ansel Herz, Narco News

Jamal Jumaa, Stop the Wall

Bekah Wolf, Palestine Solidarity Project

Joe Sacco, reporter and cartoonist


Joe Sacco

Joe Sacco

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