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Wednesday December 22nd 2021 0

Posted on December 22, 2021 by Flashpoints


Today on the Show: We’ll speak to 48 Hills Editor, Tim Redmond about the drumbeat recall, PGE and the multiple impacts of the fires: Also a noted Latino leader warns that Newsome may be able to beat-back the recall but 2022 may be a very different story: And our regular segment, FOODFIGHT on Food and Justice with Keith McHenry

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flashpoints 12-22-21

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tuesday December 21st 1011 0

Posted on December 21, 2021 by Flashpoints


Today on the Show: Former Congressman and presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich responds to the  Washington breakdown around build back better, etc.  Also, Is The U.S.  about to move towards a far more likely, and more dangerous  first use of nuclear weapons; we’ll speak to front line reporter, Dave Lindorff about the issue, and about the development of the 1.7 trillion dollar F35A to air-launch THE deadly new generation of Nukes: And we;ll talk about the liberal  leftist candidate wlected as president of Chile.l

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Flashpoints 12-21-21

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Monday December 13rh 2021 0

Posted on December 13, 2021 by Flashpoints

Caribbean International Flag Haiti

Today on the show Kevin Pina joins us again for a special report on Haiti and US involvement in destablization, political subversion and drug trafficking. Aslo,  Sonoma County Immigrants will hold a “speak-out” to demand that the US Senate [ass the pending “Build Back Better” Bill containing Legal Status For the Country’s undocumented.

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Flashpoints 12-013-2021

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Thursday December 2nd 2021 0

Posted on December 02, 2021 by Flashpoints


Today on the show: The multiple dangers of Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) like Humana. Also, one woman’s battle for prisoners rights and protections: and the brutalities of the Remain in Mexico Policy, which Biden is about to reinstitute

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Flashpoints 12-02-21

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Tuesday December 1st 2021 0

Posted on December 01, 2021 by Flashpoints


Today on show: Justice Sotomayor on the death of Roe. Also. special in depth report on the expanding government violence against refugees heading for el norte. And a special treat…will talk to KPFA Events Coordinator and author of the newly published autobiographical Novel, Wild GreenOranges

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Flashpoints 45-24-54

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