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  1. peter says:

    I was wondering, I had an idea I wantto run by you in looking at your new website. I notice you do a ‘best of the week’ for each week’s radio shows.

    Given the climate right now economically, I will tell you I listen to youre archives solely for Catherine Austin Fitts. This is the only show I know she does weekly, and she doesnt do interviews as much as for instance, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Max Keiser etc etc….

    If possible, would you be open to having the downloadable audio for the Catherine Austin Fitts segments ???

    This would be much apreciated, as I have no problem downloading the entire Wednesday show, but sometimes she is not on on Wednesday, or eve that week, or she is put on a different day.

    Thanks Dennis.


  2. peter says:

    I gave you an incorrect email address. The email address to use is on THIS posting. Thanks.


  3. John Ellis says:

    Gates — Dictator of Empire USA

    Gates — 21 years with the CIA, 5 years with National Security Council

    We have a visible political government headed by President Obama. But politicians run a make believe government, as Obama has no power or control, as he must go to a higher power to ask for control.

    Also we have a hidden State government headed by Dictator Gates. Now the State is a real government, as the State is all of law enforcement, all our military and a most deadly government

    For in 1946 Congress created the National Security State. Which we now call the State.


    President Obama ruled by Secretary of Defense
    President Bush Jr. ruled by Secretary of Defense (Nov 2006)
    President Bush Sr. ruled by Director of CIA and deputy national security adviser
    President Reagan ruled by Deputy Director of CIA

    In 1986 he had a role in the Iran-Contra scandal, as Gates had been in charge while Oliver North and others were selling missiles to Iran and funneling cash to Central America.

    On many boards, defense corporations included. President of Texas A&M University.

  4. caravaggio says:

    Robert Gates also used to be a messenger boy for Zbigenew Brezienski during the Carter administration. He is credited with creating ‘Al Queda’ out of the Muhajadeen in 1977. (SEE WEBSTER TARPLEY).

    Brezenski then set up the new Al Queda to fight the Russians for the next administration (Reagan). He also set up the game plan to fund Iraq against Iran which fueled the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

    He then left the Carter administration to teach at Columbia University. One of students in 1981, was Barack Obama (Barry Sotero).

  5. lefty says:

    oh man, i came looking for the old site due to its massive numbers of links to refer to. do bring back a retro option or something, to provide the massive Links-type section you used to provide.

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