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4 to “Staff”

  1. Werner Simbeck says:

    Dennis Bernstein,

    I am a big fan of your radio show and thank you for all the great work you are doing with respect to independent news coverage. You are doing a super service – thank you.

    I just heard your show August 18/09 with Reese Erlich regarding the expanding war in Afghanistan. Reese seems to indicate and repeat the official story that Osama Bin Laden and al qaeda had attacked the US on 9/11. I am a mechanical engineer and I can tell you that those attacks on that tragic day could not have been committed by 19 Arab hijackers with box cutters. The reason why I know this is because the “three” towers that fell that day fell at near free fall speed, perfectly symmetrically into their own footprint – this is physically impossible without the help of many explosives places just in the right places.

    The laws of physics would otherwise have to be violated – smells fishy to me. You don’t have to believe me, but please take a look at architects and engineers for 911 truth web site, where over 700 licensed engineers and architects have signed a petition demanding a new independent investigation. I know this is very difficult information to digest, but please spend a little time look into these issues and pass it on to listeners and Reese Erlich. I would suggest you interview architect Richard Gage – the founder of ae911truth. We need to deal with this issue – the sooner the better for the world and the more lives will be saved. The war on terror is based on a big lie! Uncovering this lie will be the only way to stop the mindless wars and get us concentrating on the real threat to the US – climate change.

    Best Regards,
    Werner Simbeck

  2. Joe Left says:


  3. carolmcfarlan says:

    Thank you for your program. I count on it. I appreciate your humanity.

  4. Jeff Story says:

    Dear Dennis,

    I love your show. Please consider getting Gordon Duff and Jeff Gates on your show, sometime. Gordon Duff is a Vietnam combat vet and contributo to check him out!

    Many thanks for getting Francis Boyle on, aces!


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