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Monday, July 12, 2010

Posted on July 12, 2010 by Flashpoints

Today on Flashpoints: an in-depth Look at Haiti six months after the Earth Quake that Killed over two hundred thousand and left more than a million and a half people Homeless and Hungry: We’ll speak with independent reporter, Ansel Herz and Canadian Journalist and Haiti Analyst, Isabel McDonald: We also speak a noted Brazilian Photographer about the negative role played by the US military, which put security in front of Humanitarian aid. And we’ll speak to Human rights attorney Walter Riley, about his false arrest in down Oakland after the verdict in the shot in the back BART-cop killing of Oscar Grant.


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Brazilian photographer Andre Liohn shot this footage of the brutal beating of a Haitian by plain clothes police as U.S. Soldiers and U.N. Police stood by and watched:

Liohn gave Kevin Pina permission to re-edit the above video to include a narrative by Sean Penn uncritically extolling the virtues of the U.S. Military:


Walter Riley: Attorney, civil-rights and anti-war movement leader

Manuel Riley: Walter Riley’s son and witness to his Oakland arrest

Ansel Herz: independent freelance journalist

Isabel MacDonald: Montreal-based freelance journalist

Andre Liohn: Brazilian photographer

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