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Friday January 7th, 2011

Posted on January 07, 2011 by Flashpoints

Today on Flashpoints, An in-depth look at the new president of Brazil, the first woman to ever serve as head of state: Also congressional right-wingers turn their sights on ending citizenship for US-Born children of immigrants:Anti-Castro Terrorist, Louis Posada goes on trial in Texas. And, Francisco Herrera reports on the recent killings in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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Francisco Herrera

Adrienne Pine Prof of Anthropology The American University

Gloria LaRiva The committee to Free the Cuban Five and Answer Colation


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3 to “Friday January 7th, 2011”

  1. John Ellis says:


    (1) All research data given to the majority of society is funded by the medical industry or others who earn more wealth the more sick America becomes. So, no one is told that 90% of illness in America is caused by the average diet being 50% of calories fat.

    (2) The FDA is controlled by the meat and dairy industry, no doctor is required to have a single credit in diet, and most all dieticians have not a clue as to what is a good diet.

    (3) Virtually all drugs do more harm then good, as they do not eliminate the root cause of illness, give people the impression that there is nothing they can do to correct their illness, and they do nothing but change the symptoms and cause more illness.

    (1) Anyone who sells processed food that is more then 15% fat shall be sentenced to one year in prison.

    (2) Anyone who sells health insurance to those so addicted to rich tasting food, such that they have a diet that is more then 15% fat, shall be sentenced to one year in prison.

    And so, as government will never do its duty which is clear, we have a moral burden to protect our conscience from guilt, by putting nothing in our shopping cart that is more then 15% fat.

  2. John Ellis says:


    If everything about sickness we are told by the medical industry, processed food industry and government is fiction, so that the rich may maximize profit by food addiction, what then?

    (1) The average American diet is now 50% fat, and each year that goes by, our fat intake increases by 1%. Surely the root cause of 90% of sickness in America.

    (2) Now almost 20% of our Gross Domestic Product, GDP, is consumed by the medical industry. Almost one in six employed in medicine, and in ten years it will be one in five.

    (3) Due mainly to the high cost of refining and processing a high fat diet, 10% of GDP is food related and this figure will double in 10 Years.

    (4) Our government needing to keep us apprehensive, insecure and in fearful submission to authority, knowing that illness is most perfect to accomplish this, could care less if we all live or die.

  3. John Ellis says:


    There were no homeless until Reagan closed down the institutions that housed them, and then out on the street they went. For the permanent homeless have enough intelligence to take care of themselves, but not enough to earn a living wage.

    Whereas, my slow laboring class has intelligence most perfect for being the moral judge of society, for slow and careful thought is what morality is all about. But to achieve such a degree of excellence in knowing right for wrong, the trade off is we are the 49% of society that has a grade equivalency below 12th grade.

    Whereas, the Educated Middle-class is 40% of society that is much to smart to ever do an honest day’s hard manual labor, but way to dumb to ever be rich.

    Whereas, our Country Club class is the 10% of society with smarts just perfect for administrating all the wealth of the rich nobility, and managing society in a way that best generates profit for the rich.

    Whereas, the 1% High Society has speed of thought far superior to us mere mortals, and as ability to kill and to compete is the speed at which a mind can rationalize a problem and take corrective action, 80% of wealth do they have which gives them full control of government. A most corrupting and demoralizing thing for society, for their fast thinkers paradise is a worse case condition for giving people the slow and careful thought needed to stay out of harm’s way.

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