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Friday – January 14, 2011

Posted on January 14, 2011 by Flashpoints

Delores Huerta, Cofounder of the United Farmworkers

Today on Flashpoints, Legendary Union Organizer and Co-Founder of the United Farmworkers, Dolores Huerta: We’ll speak with Huerta, about the Recent Violence in Tucson, including the banning of the teaching of Mexican American Studies in the Public School System, as well as her more recent work with young people at the Dolores Huerta Foundation: Also Noted Educator and Chicana Historian, Betita Martinez, speaks out against the banning: and we’ll also feature a special report on the latest event in Tunisia

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Mohamed Abdel Dayem, Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists

Elizabeth “Betita” Martínez, author of “500 Years of Chicana Women’s History”

Dolores Huerta Co-Founder of the United Farmworkers


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2 to “Friday – January 14, 2011”

  1. John Ellis says:


    So, the rich have replaced their old dictator with a new one, namely Ghannouchi who has been a close ally of Ben Ali and Prime Minister since 1999. Now, does this in anyway change the fundamental character of Tunisia which has, ever since independence, defended the interests of their rich nobility? For global capitalism, is this not still and forever the life blood of their high society?

    For under the state of emergency, the police and army will have even greater freedom to terrorize the population.

    As a major reason for Ben Ali’s sudden departure is pressure from the United States and France, which fear that unless the movement in Tunisia is halted it will spread to other countries.

    Greed is any desire for wealth, as the illusion that
    you deserve wealth greatly increases the more you
    gain wealth. As it totally destroys your ability to grasp
    reality and locks you into a fake morality for life.

    For greed being a systemic defect in all of us, the sole purpose of government is to protect society from the voting majority, the 51% most greedy, aggressive and wealthy, the 51% who own 100% of the wealth and always vote to enslave the lower half of society.

    And most correct is “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,” in that we human’s live a doomed existence, and as only pleasure can kill the thought of death, from birth to death we must seek all pleasure and avoid all pain. Namely, an unending quest to “self-actualize,” to be all we can be, to take all we can take, to own all we can own, and to be a dictator over all who are on land that we own.

    Comes now you and I to be among whose least greedy, our having the least wealth, and beyond all doubt the least greedy in all of Empire USA. So upon our morality rests the only hope for all of society, a burden to instill in the vast majority, a realization that this day of life is more then anyone deserves. For the root cause of all the problems that effect humanity being the ingrate idea that we deserve more, a most grateful mind will it give us such that a guilty conscience will we have if ever we fail to give all we can give.

  2. John Ellis says:


    “It is significant that Islamist forces played virtually no role in the
    mass protests. What is coming to the fore all over the world are
    the basic social and class issues that dominate economic and
    political life, superseding secondary and tertiary questions of
    religion, race and nationality.” World Socialist Web Site, WSWS

    Truth is, the illusion above is the dominant morality of all socialist Parties, actually all political Parties, the opening theme in all their gatherings being:

    “Leave your morality at the door, help
    us make better laws and a better
    morality will automatically follow.”

    Problem is, below be the dominant morality of all law, be it civil, criminal or moral law, and it is a most religious morality,

    “No one shall enrich themselves upon the misery of another.”
    US Supreme Court

    And most religious it surely is, as most impossible is it for any civil or criminal law to so restrict society such that we only enrich ourselves upon the enrichment of others.

    So, why is it that no political party can allow such a religious thing as morality to be debated among them? Could it be that all modern political Parties strive to enrich themselves by using the deadly force of government to plunder those not of their Party?

    For Republicans fight to protect the wealth of the 1% High Society, 10% Country Club class and the upper half of the 40% Educated Middle class.

    For Democrats strive to keep the deadly force of government in the hands of the voting majority, the 51% most greedy, aggressive and educated who own 100% of all wealth.

    For the Socialists strive to give the 40% Educated Middle-class full ownership of all means to produce goods and services, and all power and control over government.

    For the lower half of society, the 49% with a grade equivalency GE below 12th grade, not a single laboring man among them is even allowed to join any political Party in all of Empire USA.

    “The events of the past week in Tunisia have once again
    revealed the immense social power and revolutionary
    potential of the working class (Educated Middle-class).
    But the central weakness of the mass movement is the
    absence of a clear revolutionary perspective, program
    and leadership (dictatorship).”
    World Socialist Web Site, WSWS

    Problem is, leadership by any political Party, this is the morally blind locking in darkness the majority who have no desire to be so enslaved.

    And so, us activists who proclaim the light and in so doing force all darkness to give way, what burden do we have to cremate by a gallon of gas our living body to force a true morality upon society? None surely, that’s what I always say. For we who differ openly against the rich and powerful, we who die daily never knowing when some politician has ordered the police chief to give us another illegal traffic ticket, surely one in 10 million are we, and a far greater danger to the rich as a living and burning light then a dead and cremated sacrifice.

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