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Wednesday, June 29 2011

Posted on June 29, 2011 by Flashpoints

15,000 anti-war activists marched from Union Square to City Hall in New York City, to protest all US wars-Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya.

Today on Flashpoints, we continue our drumbeat coverage of the situation in Libya with an on-the-ground report with Madhi Nazemroya; we’ll also talk with a legal expert about the recent warrants issued by the International Criminal Court against Ghaddafi and the implications this might have for President Obama; then we turn our attention back to the Freedom Flotilla 2 that is scheduled to leave for Israeli occupied Gaza sometime next week. Finally, we speak with two Palestinians: one in Gaza and the other a former refugee living in the United States.
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Guests: Madhi Nazemroya-Research Associate, Center for Research on Globalization, Francis Boyle-Professor of Law at University of Illinois College of Law, Leslie Cagen-Coordinator of the U.S. boat to Gaza, Amjad Shawa-Coordinator of Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network, and Ziad Abbas-Associate Director of the Middle East Children’s Alliance


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