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Friday July 9th 2021

Posted on July 09, 2021 by Flashpoints


Today on our show, the US and the so-called Core Group of concerned nations has effectively taken control of Haiti in the aftermath of the assassination of president Jovenel Moise and an internal coup within the corrupt PHTK ruling party. They have chosen ultra-right Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, who has long held ties to the US intelligence community, to be the interim president of Haiti and oversee the next elections which must be held within the next three months The US also announced it is sending the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to lead the investigation into the assasination of Jovenel Moise even as the government and military in Colombia acknowledge that 26 of its retired special forces officers have been detained for their alleged participation in the assasination of the Haitian president. Joining us from Florida is Flashpoints analyst Frantz Jerome and also joining us is JR Lawrence, a former US police officer who served as a US security contractor in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan and was attached to the UN mission in Haiti for two years and has intimate knowledge of Haiti’s police and actually lived in the same neighborhood as the murdered president during his tour of duty there.

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Flashpoints 07-09-21


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