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Best of Flashpoints – Week of August 3, 2009

Posted on August 06, 2009 by Flashpoints


Listen online here. Click the red and white arrow button at the bottom for the complete Mp3, or click the podcast link to download through iTunes.

This week on the Best of Flashpoints, the Nation’s Jeremy Scahill rips the lid off of a breaking story about the founder and owner of Blackwater, implicated in serious murder and weapons smuggling charges; also, Israel’s expanding ethnic cleansing programs in occupied East Jerusalem makes more Palestinian families homeless; Hillary Clinton’s Africa strategies, we’ll talk to Kimbale Musavuli of Friends of the Congo about US policies in that country; and South Bronx activists win a people’s victory and make a stand for immigrant rights.

The Best of Flashpoints airs on dozens of community radio stations around the country.

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