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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Posted on June 08, 2010 by Flashpoints

Obama's AfPak War: A conversation with Pratap Chatterjee and Kiren Aziz Chaudhry, moderated by Dennis Bernstein

Unraveling the Israeli disinformation machine, we’ll speak with Max Blumenthal, who has been on the trail of the big Israeli lie since Israel’s deadly attack on the Gaza flotilla; also, international law expert Francis Boyle advises the victims of Israel’s attack on potential legal strategies for prosecution at the International Criminal Court; and we’ll have a report on private profiteers in bed with traffickers and the state department in Afghanistan.


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Max Blumenthal, Journalist currently based in Israel

Francis Boyle, Professor and International Law Expert

Pratap Chatterjee, Investigative Journalist and Author


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