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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Posted on June 22, 2010 by Flashpoints


US Social Forum started today in Detroit

An activist report from the Gulf on the expanding BP disaster: we’ll get an in-depth report on the growing civilian casualties in the Afpak War, as the US Commander there tenders his resignation; and we’ll have a report on how the mainstream press demonized a military whistle-blower instead of supporting andĀ  welcoming his courage; and Jesse Strauss reports in Up front fromĀ  the second US Social Forum.


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Elizabeth Cook, Louisiana native and environmental activist (the website she mentioned was

Kathy Kelly

Robert Parry, Award-winning investigative reporter


Palestinian community activist


Richard Becker

Labor community committee, in solidarity with the Palestinian people

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    I have been having difficulty accessing KPFA via Internet for the last few days. I can access KPFA if I click on KFCF from the Flashpoints site. When I called KPFA, a woman told me she accessed KPFA through Modzilla. I tried downloading Modzilla, but I guess I don’t know what I’m doing and could not get KPFA. I called KPFA again and a guy hung up on me. I have given to every fund drive in the last 6 years. Do you think I could get some help? I like listening to Flashpoints, especially Catherine Austin Fitz, does KPFA care? Can they afford to loose more donations?

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