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Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Posted on July 08, 2010 by Flashpoints


Oscar Grant

The Flashpoints team will be joining the Hard Knock Radio team for joint coverage today.

We’ll devote today’s entire show to the Oscar Grant verdict, just
announced an hour ago; we’ll be joined by activists from the Bay Area, where Grant was murdered on New Year’s Day, 2009; we’ll also be joined by activists and community members near the courthouse in Los Angeles.

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3 to “Thursday, July 8th, 2010”

  1. John Ellis says:


    Law enforcement are all of the intelligent middle-class, as it takes one more intelligent then a crook to catch a crook. This is why virtually no one of the middle-class or the super-intelligent rich ruling class is made to pay for their crimes.

    Whereas, 95% of all inmates in our jails, prisons and insane asylums are laboring men. A laboring man being among the 49% of men in America without a high school diploma.

    So, as America has 25% of all prisoners on earth, we have a class of men who are less then 1% of the world’s population guilty of 25% of all the crime on earth.

    And so, comes now a realization as to why Empire USA has plundered unto itself half the wealth on earth.

  2. John Ellis says:


    Those selected for jury duty are only those registered to vote.

    Problem is, the laboring class is the 49% of society without a high school diploma and virtually none are so stupid as to vote for their next set of dictators.

    For democracy is a dictatorship run by the 51% most aggressive and wealthy, surely a police state for the laboring class.

  3. Antonio says:

    John Ellis is right on the rol the “middle class” (petty-bourgeoisie) plays in society what he fails to mention is that the criminal lumpen element wants the “freedom,rights and justice” to commit crimes,looting,stealing,killings or ,like Oscar Grant and his gang of goons,terrorize people in the public transit.

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