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Monday, August 24th, 2009

Posted on August 24, 2009 by Flashpoints

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Eric Holder appoints special prosecutor / via

Eric Holder appoints special prosecutor / via

Foreign ministers from seven countries arrived in Tegucigalpa today and called for the restoration of democracy, we’ll have an update from Tegucigalpa on today’s politics and resistance actions that have been taking place in the streets over the last several days; also, US attorney general Eric Holder will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate CIA contractors and interrogators; we’ll be joined by our Haiti special correspondent Kevin Pina for an update on Haiti and the expansion of the Clinton free trade policy there; and the Knight Report.


Tim Russo, Free Speech Radio News

Stephanie Tang, World Can’t Wait

Sharon Adams, National Lawyer’s Guild

Kevin Pina, FP Haiti Correspondent

Farrah Juste, Haitian activist and musician

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3 to “Monday, August 24th, 2009”

  1. Alabama John says:

    Honduran coup — Part of master plan.

    Just before were told about the new U.S. military bases in big Columbia, we have this little 8,000 man army in Honduras establish a dictatorship that could for years keep safe and secure the last U.S. base in Central America.

    The largest oil reserve on earth being the vast oil fields in Venezuela, and Empire USA enraged by the way Chavez is using this black gold to establish fair, equal and democratic trade throughout the Americas, when our hero Chavez warns of eminent war we should give it close reflection.

  2. Alabama John says:


    A smoke screen is something that blinds the mind by burning the emotions, goal being to so stress the mind that it backs away from the issue, refuses to think about it or talk about it.

    So government displays all those torture photos,
    says they have even more horrible photos,
    says they tortured U.S. citizens,
    says they may in an emergency torture again,
    says they may keep torture victims under indefinite detention,
    says prisoners are still being giving inhuman treatment,
    says only low level CIA to be investigated,
    makes sure that we know lawyers and a judge who caused torture
    are still teaching and judging and corrupting society.

    And so, 95% of America is had enough of it and could care less what government does about.

  3. Alabama John says:

    Mainstream media pure darkness — Why make it so complicated?

    News is a window into reality, unless of course its mainstream news then its a window into fiction, fantasy and fairy tales.

    New light that brings us new freedom, or new darkness reinforcing slavery, that is issue when someone offers us what they call news.

    We never know what mainstream news is going to hit us with next, but we know it will be new darkness and that we must turn to those with some new light that will force such darkness to give way.

    Problem is, our indifferent majority feels it deserves more and with a clear conscience desires only to take more, and any new light that impresses a need to give they reject with a vengeance.

    So a law to save mainstream media and bring such a maddening crowd out the darkness they so love — lots of luck.

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