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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Posted on September 01, 2009 by Flashpoints
Israeli occupation soldier in West Bank (Courtesy of Maan News Images)

Israeli occupation soldier in West Bank (Courtesy of Maan News Images)

We continue reporting on Bush and torture as the Washington Post comes out four-square pro-torture; also, Israeli occupation forces inside a sniper tower in an illegal settlement shoot and kill a 15 year old Palestinian boy in the West Bank, we’ll have a report from Palestine; and Ahmed Habib talks about the unraveling humanitarian disaster in US-occupied and besieged Iraq.



Ray McGovern, former high-level CIA analyst

Bekah Wolf, Palestine Solidarity Project

Ahmed Habib, journalist, poet, blogger

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1 to “Tuesday, September 1st, 2009”

  1. John Ellis says:

    Designed to fail healthcare — Keeps us insecure, fearful and in submission to authority.

    Many reasons are there for Empire USA to keep our sick healthcare system in place, such as:

    (1) The average American diet is 50% fat, and this not only causes 90% of illness, but doubles the profits in both the processed food and medical industries. So a healthy medical industry that promoted a 10% fat diet to keep us healthy, coupled with a steep tax on high-fat food plus a cash reward at the end of each year for those with no medical expenses, surely this would reduce our Gross National Product by 20% and increase unemployment by 15% to 25%,

    (2) A great fear of the rich is the intelligent middleclass acquiring wealth and real estate, ownership of which rules the world. So most of the wealth that should pass from father to son among the middleclass, this is passed up to the rich by way of their get-rich-quick medicine.

    (3) People in power who strive to reduce over population, surely this is the numer one cause of death on planit earth, just above deadly Empire USA, and allowing the rich to own our healthcare system is my idea of self-suicide.

    (4) There has to be some logical reason why we in America are so submissive to authority. Especially when it forces us into wars unending, creates a bubble-burst economy that every 20 years shifts most wealth up to the top, creates a law enforcement system that houses 25% of all prisoners on earth, and now adds trillions to our national debt for generations to come. Now could it be that our medical industry keeps us so apprehensive, insecure and fearful that our stress reaches the sever depression onset level just thinking about defying the deadly force of government? For it does have a manopoly on the use of force and violence.

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