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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Posted on November 06, 2009 by Flashpoints

Gloria and Jacobo Arenas

Gloria and Jacobo Arenas

An in-depth look at yesterday’s Fort Hood shooting, with Dahr Jamail; also, American Indian Movement founder Bill Means joins us to talk about a major visit by the United Nations to the Pine Ridge Reservation yesterday; We’ll also get a report from the Brazilian embassy in Honduras where the talks between President Zelaya and the coup government have broken down, and the deal has unraveled; we’ll hear about the harrowing story of two Mexican revolutionaries who were just released from prison after spending a good chunk of their lives locked down for advocating the overthrow of the Mexican government; and news headlines from Project Censored.


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Project Censored

Dahr Jamail, author and journalist

Andres Thomas Conteris, Democracy Now and Nonviolence International

John Gibler, reporter

Jimbo Simmons and Bill Means, American Indian Movement


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