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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Posted on December 02, 2009 by Flashpoints

Iraq Vets Against the War

Iraq Vets Against the War

A Native American mom speaks out against the war as her military son suffers from PTSD; also, we’ll continue our investigation into the military’s cover-up of suicide and soldier breakdowns inside Forts across the country; we’ll have a report from one of many protests taking place in opposition to the expansion of the war in Afghanistan; also, an on-the-ground report from the Gaza strip, as Israeli occupation forces continue to destroy everyday life and attack Palestinians; and the Knight Report.


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Richard Becker, ANSWER Coalition

Dahr Jamail, FP Special Correspondent and author, The Will to Resist

Pvt. Michael Kern, active-duty Army soldier, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War

Georgia Stillwell Bissomette, mother and relative of soldiers in Iraq

Lisa Lietz, Board member of Military Families Speak Out

Rami al-Meghari, FP Special Correspondent, Free Speech Radio News and Electronic Intifada


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