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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 2

Posted on June 15, 2010 by Flashpoints


Oil Splashing through Waves in the Gulf

We’ll get a report from our correspondent Larry Everest in the Gulf; we’ll learn about a secret global trade agreement which could change the internet and make it easier for governments to stop whistle blowers; and we’ll be joined by special correspondent Nora Barrow-Friedman speaking about Israel trying to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa during the Apartheid government.

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Corey Doctorow, Author and Blogger

Gwen Hinze, International Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation. Learn more about today’s story here.

Larry Everest, Journalist in the Gulf, reporting on BP’s Gusher

Nora Barrows-Friedman, Flashpoints Special Correspondent and Independent Journalist

Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Author of The Unspoken Allience: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa


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