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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 0

Posted on June 30, 2010 by Flashpoints


Oil being pushed ashore by Hurricane Alex off the Texas coastline

Hurricane Alex hovers off the coast of Texas and threatens to escalate and spread the oil from the BP underground volcano; we’ll have reports from Venice, Louisiana at the coast, and from the Florida panhandle, where a number of beaches have already been closed down; also, we’ll have a report back from the International Indigenous Women’s Symposium on Reproductive Health; and we’ll have our regular weekly segment of Community Business with Catherine Austin-Fitts.


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Kindra Arnesson, fleeing shrimper and mother in Venice, Louisiana

Cindy Lapori, environmentalist and concerned citizen in Florida’s panhandle

Dominic Mogavero, environmentalist and concerned citizen in Florida’s panhandle

Hinewirangi Kohu-Morgan, poet, activist, and indigenous rights organizer from Aotearoa (New Zealand). Speaking tonight in Oakland.

Catherine Austin-Fitts, regular contributor for Community Business and editor of Solari


Palestinian community activist


Richard Becker

Labor community committee, in solidarity with the Palestinian people

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